Course Syllabus

Monday, Wednesday, and some optional Fridays 11a:12:30p

This course aims to develop deep quantitative understanding of basic forces of evolution, molecular evolution, genetic variations and their dynamics in populations, genetics of complex phenotypes, and genome-wide association studies. Application of these foundational concepts to cutting edge studies in epigenetics, gene regulation and chromatin; cancer genomics, and microbiomes. Modules consist of lectures, journal club discussions of high impact publications, and guest lectures that provide clinical correlates. Homework assignments and final projects aim to develop hands-on experience and understanding of genomic data from evolutionary principles.

Teaching Staff

Professor Leonid Mirny

Professor Tami Lieberman

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Homework and Grading


John H. Gillespie's Population Genetics: A Concise Guide (Links to an external site.)

Graham Coop's PopGen Notes

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